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16 Chorlton St., Manchester M1 3HW


Interactive Voice Response

Order your car to your desired pick-up point

With our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) you no longer have to wait in the queue to speak to an operator

It’s as easy as that!


Call StreetCars

0161 228 7878

Give us a call on the number provided, we opperate with a 24/7 service so feel free to call no matter how early or how late!


Select Pickup Point


Select a number to select a pickup point around Manchester, or if you would like to be picked up by a specific area.


Book Taxi


Press 1 for the Taxi to come as soon as possible, otherwise request a time to be picked up using the keypad.

It’s as easy as that!

With our IVR (Interactive Voice Response) you no longer have to wait in the queue to speak to an operator. You can now order your car to your desired pick up point by selecting the number on your keypad.

Once you have ordered your car, you can call back and see the progress of your driver as the IVR system pin points the driver via GPS and gives the exact location of the driver and an Estimated Time of Arrival. In the event where the driver has been unable to find you, when you call back IVR will advise you to book again as the driver was unsuccessful in collecting you.

IVR is only available to existing customers, as it requires your previous pick-up history to book your journey.